Why Beauty Is A Recession Proof Business

Why Beauty Is A Recession Proof Business

The Beauty industry is the most profitable industry in the world. With a growth rate of 20 percent, it's easy to see why this trend is still going strong. There are so many reasons why this business model is so popular right now:

Beauty is still a priority even during a recession

The beauty industry is an important part of our culture, and has been for a long time. It's not just about the products that we buy, but also about how we look at ourselves and our relationships with each other.

Beauty is a priority for everyone—men, women, children and even people who fall into other categories like the disabled or homeless. It's one of those things that you can't help but think about every day as you go through your daily routine: whether it's picking out clothes to wear to work in the morning or choosing makeup colours that match your eyeshadow perfectly (and this isn't just something women do; men do this too!).


There is a lot of room for growth

In the beauty industry, there is plenty of room for growth. One reason for this is that lash extensions are relatively new, and they haven't been around long enough to reach their saturation point yet. The demand for eyelash extension products and services is increasing as more people become aware of the benefits and advantages of getting lashes done. As an added bonus, eyelash extensions are not affected by recessions; instead, they can actually increase during times when money is tight because women will shop for inexpensive ways to look more attractive if they have less disposable income than before.


Flexible scheduling

This is an industry that can be flexible for many people. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, a college student or even a retiree, having beauty skills are an excellent option for earning extra income. The hours are great too – you can work part time or full time. You don’t have to worry about office politics and commuting because you can work from home! You also have the freedom to set your own schedule and take vacations whenever you want!

If you still aren’t convinced that lash extensions are right for you because of the flexibility they offer then just think about how much more money there would be in your bank account if those two extra hours were spent working on something else entirely!


The demand is increasing

The demand for lash extensions & beauty treatments is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and it’s largely due to the fact that more people are becoming aware of the benefits of lash extensions & other beauty treatments.

People who have had lash extensions before love them because they make eyes look instantly brighter and more awake. They also feel like they’re getting a bit of a luxury treatment—a feel-good experience without any discomfort or pain involved. This means that if you want to maximise your profits, you should be offering this service in your salon/spa or online shop right now!


It's an accessible skill

The perfect combination of low barriers to entry and high profit margins makes lash extensions a truly remarkable field. It’s different from other types of beauty, fashion, or wellness services in that you don't need to go to school for it. What makes it easier is you can learn the skills needed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The result is an industry with an extremely low barrier for entry: anyone can do it! And this gives rise to thousands of independent entrepreneurs who operate their own businesses just out of their homes (or wherever they choose).


You can work full or part time

In addition to the flexible hours and lack of a dress code, you can do lash extensions as a full or part-time job. If you want to earn extra money on the side, there are many opportunities for freelance lash extension technicians. Many salons also offer the service, which means that you don't need to rent out space at all times if your business is slow during certain seasons.

Although getting started with lash extensions may seem like an intimidating task, it's actually easier than most people think! The best way to learn is by taking an online course offered through a reputable school such as Bombshell Beauty Academy. Once that's done, all that's left is practicing on friends and family members until you feel comfortable performing the service yourself!

Make your own hours

You can make your own hours. This is a huge advantage of being a lash extension technician, as there are no set hours or requirements in terms of working on site. You get to be your own boss, and you can work when you want and where you want. There's no commute, no office politics, and no need to put on a face when you're feeling under the weather; just grab your tools from the kitchen drawer and head upstairs!

If you decide that having a steady paycheck would suit your lifestyle better than working for yourself or for others,. You can still find yourself an employer through one of many franchises that have popped up over the years (and continue popping up).


Owning a business has never been easier

Owning a business has never been easier. The beauty industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, so you know you’re starting with a good foundation. It’s also recession proof! Because people always want to look good and feel beautiful, they will always be willing to spend money on beauty products, even during tough times. This makes owning a business in this industry quite secure—you won’t have any trouble finding clients who need or want your services!

There are many opportunities in this industry as well: whether you want to work part time or full time; if you prefer evenings or weekends; if your skillset focuses on one area (like lash extensions) or if it's more broad (such as makeup application). You can make your own hours depending on how much time you need for each client and what fits best into your life schedule.


The health and beauty sector remains recession proof.

You may be wondering why the beauty industry is so recession proof. It’s been around since ancient times, has survived many economic cycles and it’s growing. How can this be?

The answer is simple: the beauty industry is recession proof because it’s already been through some tough times. The health and beauty sector remains one of the most profitable industries during economic downturns. In fact, during times like these, people are more likely to seek out cheaper products or services that they wouldn't normally buy when they have extra money (for example manicures). A lot of salons have even started offering discounts on manicure services throughout "tough" times in order to attract new customers who might not otherwise take advantage of such offers if they hadn't gotten so desperate for a pampering session with their favourite nail artiste!


So, what are you waiting for? If you're looking to start a business and have been thinking about lash extensions, then now is the time! With the right training and tools, anyone can be a successful lash stylist. You will never regret starting your own business because it's all about making money doing something you love!


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