How to Market Your Salon in 2023

How to Market Your Salon in 2023

Every year, there's a new hot trend in salon marketing. The best salons are able to adapt their marketing strategies with the times. As technology changes, so do the opportunities for reaching customers through different channels. In this article we'll discuss how you can create a successful marketing plan for your salon in 2020 and beyond!

Start by creating a marketing plan

The way I see it, there are two ways to approach marketing your salon. The first is the "building a house" method: you lay out all the materials in front of you and start building. This is a very good method if you have done your research, found the perfect blueprint and know exactly what kind of house you want to build (and more importantly, how much it will cost). The second way is more like "building a boat." You don't know how long or wide or high your boat will be until after you've finished building it. In this case, marketing is like building a boat because success isn't guaranteed and depends on factors outside of your control. But when used properly, boats can be extremely powerful vehicles for getting where we need to go—even across oceans!

Identify your target market

You can define your target audience by creating a profile of their characteristics and needs. You can use this to help you plan your marketing strategy, so that it appeals to the right people.

For example, if you're a salon focusing on hair extensions, you'll want to know how many people in your area are interested in them. You could look at social media posts about hair extensions and see how many times they've been posted over the past year. If there were several thousand posts on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #eyelashextensions or #extensionsforall, then this would be an indicator that there is demand for your product or service—and therefore potential customers who need it!

Use social media analytics tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights (if you have a Facebook page) as well as third party sites such as Crowdfire or Followerwonk (which allows users access into Twitter analytics).

Research your competition

Researching your competition is the first step to knowing where you can stand out in the marketplace. Here are some tips on researching your competition:

  • Use Google search to find out who else is doing what you're doing, and how they market themselves.

  • Look at the last few pages of the search engine results for keywords related to what you do and how their websites rank. Check out these sites and see what works—and more importantly, what doesn't work—for them. For example, if there's an ad that pops up on every page but isn't relevant or interesting enough for people to click through it (or if there isn't one at all), see if there's anything else wrong with their marketing efforts that could be improved upon by yours.

  • Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as other online forums where people discuss different beauty services in order learn more about what makes a business successful online. You might notice that certain salons get lots of likes on Instagram posts while others don't have any comments; this information will help guide your own social media strategy later on!

Choose the right advertising channels for your business

There are so many advertising channels available to you, but it’s important that you choose the right ones for your business. You need to target the right audience and use the right marketing materials.

  • Make sure that you are reaching the right people.

  • Create a plan for what your marketing will look like over time and keep track of how effective each campaign has been.

Create compelling marketing materials

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. A professional photographer can make your salon look more appealing in the eyes of potential clients and increase your chances of gaining new customers.

  • All marketing materials should be eye-catching, with bright colors and high-quality images that draw attention to the content you want people to focus on (e.g., “Our stylists have been trained by experts in hairstyling techniques”).

There are many options when it comes to choosing your print vendor: You can go with an online printer, but this may not offer the best quality printing possible; you could use a local printer instead, who might offer better prices but won't necessarily meet all of your needs (such as offering large quantities); or you could use an online printer that offers both options—like Sticker Mule—and choose between those two depending on what type of product you're looking for.*

Use social media to reach new customers

Social media is a great way to reach a large audience. You can use it to get people to your website, connect with customers and build relationships with them, share information about your business, and even host giveaways or contests.

If you're going to be on social media anyway, why not make the most of it?

Hold events and offer discounts to attract more people

Events and discounts are a great way to attract new customers, so you should definitely consider hosting an event or offering a discount. However, it's important to keep in mind that the event should be something that your target market would enjoy. For example, if your target market is young women in their 20s who have disposable income and love having fun, then an event like this might work well for you:

  • Lash extension contest! The winner receives free lashes for life from us!

  • Come hang out with us at our salon on Saturday night from 6-9pm; we'll be offering drinks on us!

Measure your results and make changes as needed

Now that you've set your goals, it's time to measure the success of your marketing efforts. Evaluating your results is essential for making changes and improving your salon's brand.

To evaluate whether or not the marketing tactics you're using are effective, you'll want to track a variety of data including:

  • Subscribers and signups on email lists

  • Visitors who arrive at your site from specific marketing channels (e.g., Facebook ads)

  • Conversions from visitors/subscribers (e.g., leads)

These are just some of the ways that you can market your salon. There are a ton of other options out there and it’s up to you to find what works best for your business. Remember, don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies until you find something that works!


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