Everything To Know About Makeup Brushes

Everything To Know About Makeup Brushes

Everything to know about makeup brushes

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Importance of quality is key, and knowing your brush types and how to use each one correctly is more than important. Whether we're introducing a new scene to you or you're wanting to expand your knowledge, we're here to help

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There is a difference in a quick rinse compared to cleansing your brushes. Remember that full coverage look you done the other day? What if we said those germs are being transferred right back onto your face again and again, gross, right? That's why it's always important to thoroughly clean brushes after every use, and here's how we do it.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your brushes involves using isopropyl alcohol to do by either pouring some in a cup, proceeding to dip the brush in and gently drying it on a clean towel. You can also use alchol in a spray bottle and spray your brushes individually then dry them on a towel. The makeup and dirt will break down, leaving them fresh and clean.

Drying Process

The goal when drying your brushes is to prevent water from seeping into the glue at the base of the bristles. Try a makeup brush drying rack, or a folded towel. To help the brushes dry to perfection, fold one edge of your towel a few times to create a slight slant, then lay the brushes flat on the towel with the handles up on the folded edge, so that the water runs out and down, instead of in and up toward the glue.


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